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Joining the SiteWhale family of publishers is free, and brings a whole host of benefits…

A Thriving Community

Join SiteWhale and you’ll be part of a thriving community, working in synergy for mutual benefit. Join the conversations in our private members chat group.

Expertise on Hand

SiteWhale members have a range of expertise in many areas of website optimisation and monetization, so you’re sure to learn something new.

Become Part of a Brand

It’s too easy for website publishers to be isolated when growing a website. Become part of something bigger, a recognized brand with economies of scale.

Bespoke Plugins 

We work direct with development teams to create bespoke WordPress plugins that bring functionality to member websites like no others.

Discounted Products

With such a large community, we are able to gain access to the best products, platforms and tools at discounted rates, to help your website grow.

Discounted Services

We have a network of great individuals and teams around the world to help with everything from web and ecommerce development to marketing strategy.

Free SEO Audit

Using member’s experience, we provide a free SEO audit and consultation for every website that joins SiteWhale as a Premium Plus member.

It’s Free

No payments necessary. SiteWhale membership is free to all for approved.

SiteWhale Memberships

We welcome English language publishers from around the world with a minimum of 10,000 monthly visits. All applications are manually reviewed within 48 hours.

SiteWhale Premium
10,000+ visits/month

✔️ Access to SiteWhale Website Content

✔️ Entry into SiteWhale Community

✔️ Access to Discounted Products/Services/Plugins

✔️ Link Building Opportunities

✔️ Access to SiteWhale Website Content

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SiteWhale Premium Plus
100,000+ visits/month

✔️ Access to SiteWhale Website Content

✔️ Entry into SiteWhale Community

✔️ Access to Discounted Products/Services/Plugins

✔️ Link Building Opportunities

✔️ Access to SiteWhale Website Content

✔️ Free SEO site audit/consultation

✔️ Access to Premium Plus networking group

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