The SiteWhale Story

SiteWhale was founded by Ed Goldswain and William Green, two website publishers with more than 30 years combined experience in building, optimizing, and monetizing websites. 

With a portfolio of successful websites generating more than 5 million visitors a month combined, Ed and Will met at a publisher event in late 2019 after leaving their day jobs to become full time publishers.

Since then they have been sharing their skills and experiences, supporting each other and collaborating on creating bespoke website functionality. The result is that both have seen sustantial improvements in traffic and revenue of their own websites.

From this, it became clear that website publishers can grow together in synergy. SiteWhale was born – the creation of a global commmunity with the aim to help publishers drive growth.

No sponsorships to sway minds.

No big company pressures to influence decisions.

A growing global community helping publishers drive growth

Meet the Founders

William Green

Poem Analysis, Book Analysis, and Ocean and Beyond

Will’s methodical background comes from obtaining a Masters in Automotive Engineering, working for the likes of McLaren. To date, Will has been creating and growing websites for over 10 years, combining best practices from both industries.

Ed Goldswain

No Sweat Shakespeare and Safaris Africana

Ed has over 20 years digital experience working for a number of household retail and travel brands. He built his first website in 2001, and has since founded two of his own content-driven educational websites.

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